Shock Stock invades London Comic Con this October!

The OG horror creeps will once again be reppin’ the REAL when Shock Stock’s fall fiasco takes place inside the London Comic Con, Oct 26-28 at the Western Fair Agriplex.

We got horror guests, parties, vendors and artists, and a special 10 year anniversary of Joe Hart’s Thingfest Celebration with Cast and Crew in attendance!

Should be a wild n greasy weekend … rumors of the 1209 being re-opened for business have surfaced… and that ballsy badass Shotzi Blackheart is nowhere to be found to ruin it for us!

Guests in attendance include:

Keith David ( The Thing, They Live, Tales From the Hood 2 )

Ted Raimi ( The Evil Dead films, Intruder, Drag me to Hell)

Cerina Vincent ( Cabin Fever, It Waits, Murder-Set-Pieces )

Original Village People Randy Jones and Felipe Rose !

and more!

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