The iconic CINZIA MONREALE has worked with some of the greatest Italian directors in the genre, and Shock Stock fans will get to share some stories from the the sets of films THE BEYOND and BUIO OMEGA –

Plus a once in a lifetime photo opportunity will be made available on Saturday May 2nd when Emily (and Dickie) read from the book of Eibon and open one of the 7 doors of death at the Ramada Inn! 

The star of the splatter masterpiece STREET TRASH makes his Canadian Convention Debut! MIKE LACKEY is not only the star of the film, but he worked behind the scenes as well on some of the most memorable special effects sequences ever put to celluloid! 

Mike is also an accomplished artist, and brings his own self published comics on the road with him. We at Shock Stock are honoured to have Mike contribute some original art to our inaugural SHOCK STOCK MAGAZINE as well – be sure to grab an issue at the show and get it signed ! 

The inaugural Miss Shock Stock competition in 2015 was one of the most memorable moments in the history of our wild n greasy annual gathering – and the crown went to the one and only SADIE KATZ, a movie star and scream queen who already was deep into horror stardom with her unforgettable starring role in Wrong Turn 6. 

Since winning the crown and solidifying her place in history, Sadie has starred in plenty of other chunk blowers (such as BLOOD FEAST and CLOWN FEAR), as well as directed and starred in her own documentary, THE BILL MURRAY EXPERIENCE.

Sadie now returns to Shock Stock for the 10 year anniversary show to catch up with fans and remind everyone why she is still a fan favourite guest at this wild weekend! 

One of Shock Stock’s favourite horror friends is none other than BASKET CASE’s Duane Bradley himself, KEVIN VANHENTENRYCK ! Kevin had such a blast the last time he made his way up to the forest city; and he (and his brother) have been dying to come back and do it again! 

Kevin also can’t wait to pick up a guitar and jam out on Saturday night, as he joins the Shock Stock house band, SPROCKET DAMAGE, on stage for a few tunes. It truly will be an unforgettable night. 

When Kevin isn’t meeting fans or performing with superstar rock bands – he’s also a very accomplished sculptor. Be sure to stop by and chat with Kevin over the weekend ! 

Whenever the goons at Shock Stock decide to put on a party they always make sure to bring a wild man – and no we ain’t talking the Kid from Borneo – we’re talkin about Jersey Boy himself JAMES LORINZ – star of Frank Henenlotter’s FRANKENHOOKER !

James also had an unforgettable role in Jim Muro’s STREET TRASH, playing the doorman with the gift of gab that almost gets him swimmin with the fishes – he’ll be joining his co-star MIKE LACKEY for a mini reunion so be sure to get a photo with these maniacs. 

James can’t wait to come back and party down with our gang – so be sure to give him a warm welcome ! 

Every year at Shock Stock (somehow) there ends up being a wild and crazy party at night. Every night. Saturday is usually the wildest and the greasiest.

And one Saturday Night Scumbag Soiree was greasier and wilder then all the rest – the night that B.A JOHNSTON performed at Shock Stock. Never before in the 10 year history of our show did the crowd feel more alive, singing along to such anthems as I DON’T WANT TO GO TO THE NO FRILLS and DIRTMALL. 

So we’re bringing him back to do it all again! Since his last Shock Stock appearance, B.A. has had a few small roles in some independent films, as well as starring in his own TV show, HAM JAM. Some of you may have been lucky enough to pick up a limited edition copy of the series on VHS from Videonomicon at last year’s show. Treasure that shit! Or get it signed and pick up a copy of his new album on Saturday night! 

I don’t think any Shock Stock would be complete without the addition of these handsome bastards! Orbax and Pepper, the MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK, are our wonderful hosts for the annual CRYSTAL SHOCKER AWARDS taking place this year on Friday, May 1st. It’s always one of the highlights of the weekend.

These sweet angels are also inducted into the Shock Stock Hall of Fame, and have an official letter on official letterhead to prove it! Its official! They’re officially amazing! 

Guests are subject to change. Guests charge nominal fees for autographs and photos. Shock Stock will always be #TheReal .