The OG horror creeps will once again be reppin’ the REAL when Shock Stock’s fall fiasco takes place inside the London Comic Con, Oct 26-28 at the Western Fair Agriplex.

We got horror guests, parties, vendors and artists, and a special 10 year anniversary of Joe Hart’s Thingfest Celebration with Cast and Crew in attendance!

Should be a wild n greasy weekend … rumors of the 1209 being re-opened for business have surfaced… and that ballsy badass Shotzi Blackheart is nowhere to be found to ruin it for us!

Guests in attendance include:

Keith David ( The Thing, They Live, Tales From the Hood 2 )

Ted Raimi ( The Evil Dead films, Intruder, Drag me to Hell)

Cerina Vincent ( Cabin Fever, It Waits, Murder-Set-Pieces )

Original Village People Randy Jones and Felipe Rose !

and more!

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