PACK YOUR BAGS ! YOU’RE IN FOR ONE WILD RIDE!!! Be sure to get your swag in advance, as we only have so much fun supplies for the weekend. Check out our updated pages for the schedule app, new guest images, and a whole lot more!

Chopping Mall and Night of the Comet star, Kelli Maroney added to Shock Stock 2019!

This past week fans were celebrating the anniversary of the release of Jim Wynorski’s classic Chopping Mall, so we found it fitting to announce that our new pal Kelli Maroney is coming down to Shock Stock for three days of thrills and chills!

Director Damien Leone makes his way to Shock Stock!

The demented director behind horror’s most talked about film of the last 5 years, TERRIFIER, is coming to scare the living shit out of all his fans. Damien also works on his films’ SFX and Makeup, and fans can get an opportunity to see his craft up close as he hosts a makeup demo and…

Rocco Claus has a little somethin’ fer yer stocking!

HO HO WOE! It’s the holiday season, so of course ROCCO CLAUS has a little somethin’ for all the good little boys and girls who book their SHOCK STOCK rooms before Dec 25th! Be sure to follow the link below and if you need a holiday gift idea – the best gift we can think…