MARK PATTON – Nightmare on Elm St 2: Freddy’s Revenge – Scream, Queen – Family Possessions

Mark may be a last minute addition to the guest roster of #SHOCK2017, but fans have been clamoring for an appearance for years!

Shock Stock is Mark’s first foray north of the border, and he’s excited to be part of Canada’s biggest horror party!  Also catch Family Possessions, Mark’s first starring role since NOES 2, at it’s Canadian Premiere only at SHOCK STOCK!


FELISSA ROSE – Sleepaway Camp – Death House – Family Possessions

You’d think Felissa had a time share in Westmount, but the truth is Felissa LOVES the forest city and Felissa LOVES SHOCK STOCK!

We put a call out to horror’s finest to come down and party after Kane had an unfortunate cancellation. Felissa being the horror queen and guardian angel of gorilla scumbags hooked us up big time, bringing not only herself but her FAMILY POSSESSIONS Co-Star MARK PATTON down with her!

Felissa wants to party down for 3 days of madness… you better be ready !



SMALL HANDS – Burning Angel Superstar – Miss Shock Stock Guest Judge
This whisky wild man and male star sex machine will be invading Canada on a hunt for your girlfriend and a Fender Bass Guitar.  God only knows what will happen if he chance encounters Shocks’ Goon Gorilla after he’s had a few Havana Club’s. 

JOANNA ANGEL – AVN Hall of Fame Actress and Hostess – Burning Angel Studio Head  – Miss Shock Stock Judge
SHOCK STOCK faithful will remember when Joanna Angel first came to town bringing London Ontario’s finest cops, bylaw enforcement officers and fire inspectors with her. It’s been five year since the swat team left the building and we couldn’t be happier to have Joanna back in Canada. Joanna’s horror porn parodies are some of the best in the business making her a nice tight fit for our greasy Spring weekend event.


CARL GABRIEL YORKE – Cannibal Holocaust
Shock Stock fans will enjoy some “Jungle Jollies” as we present another rare guest you normally don’t see at conventions.  Carl was one of 4 actors that the Italian government believed to have been murdered while filming the extremely controversial CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. Thankfully he’s alive and well and still very eager to relive the insanity of that rain forest shoot with his fans.


KRISTI ANGUS – Jason X – Total Recall 2070
We are pleased to welcome this respected Canadian actress from such television work as TOTAL RECALL 2070 , THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and EARTH THE FINAL CONFLICT. Sci Fi is cool but it was her horrific liquid nitrogen melon smash courtesy of Kane Hodder in JASON X that put her in the record books. Kristi is feeling fine now but could use a warm drink.


JESSIE LEE – Burning Angel Superstar
Jessie Lee is one of those guests that you want to keep coming over and over, year after year.
It’s been a few since she came to #SHOCK2017 but shes very excited that she’s coming….
Jessie Lee’s appearance is sponsored by CHEMICAL VALLEY COLLECTIVE who will feature Jessie on their Youtube show GARAGE TALKS.


MARK TORGL – Toxic Avenger – Citizen Toxie
“He’s always got that shit-eatin’ grin on his face. What’s he so happy about? ” He’s happy because he’s booked for SHOCK STOCK and can’t wait to meet his Canadian fans. Mark is a respected editor, producer and writer but he’s best known as MELVIN THE MOP BOY from the Troma cult classic THE TOXIC AVENGER.


CAROLINE WILLIAMS – Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 – Leprichaun 3
Oh my achin’ banana……K-OKLA Radios very own mega star “STRETCH” who’s got live on air slaughter on tape that she loves to play ever hour on the hour ! Caroline delivered one of the best female horror performances of all time in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE part 2 and then went on to enjoy a successful career in and out of the genre with other hits such as Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2, DAYS OF THUNDER, and the greasy scratch yourself sleeper CONTRACTED. Her addition to this years roster will be funner than a fry house !


THE MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK – Extreme Sideshow Comedians from Hell
No Shock Stock would be complete without the inevitable addition of Burnaby Q. Orbax and Sweet Pepper Klopek. These two maniacs use the convention floor as their personal human playground… pranking guests and fans alike. If you aren’t a fan of the absurd, the extreme, the horrific, the disgusting, facial hair, blood, cool tattoos, comedy, sideshow acts, embroidered hats, horror movies, horror movie fans… I lost track of what I was typing about. Either way the Monsters of Schlock are cool, and they will likely be hosting the Crystal Shocker Award Ceremony as well as doing other cool and fun stuff.


MAURIZIO GUARINI – Legendary Composer – Member of GOBLIN
One of our favorites, and one of the most beloved guests in Shock Stock history, returns once again with his unforgettable music and memorabilia from a legacy of classic horror. Shock Stock always welcomes Maurizio to come and party down for a weekend with his fans! 

Hailing from LaSalle ,Ontario with his wife and two girls. His work includes the short horror collection, The Space Between Houses, as well as science fiction collection (co-authored) No Light Tomorrow. His upcoming projects include a crime novella and his debut horror novel. Christian is also co-publisher of Adventure Worlds Press, a small press dealing in genre and fringe fiction.
Ben grew up in Windsor Ontario and currently lives on the line that separates it from LaSalle. He is the co-publisher of Adventure Worlds Press, releasing Science Fiction, Horror, and other fringe genres. He also co-authored No Light Tomorrow, a collection of dark Science fiction and is hard at work on a Crime Novella for an upcoming Anthology and a standalone Novella due out in the summer.
Their newest book, which is also the first book released through our new publishing company (Adventure Worlds Press) is an illustrated edition of our dark sci-fi collection, No Light Tomorrow.

MITCH MARKOWITZ – Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Human Cattle

Back in the day, Mitch and his brother co-produced a little show called ‘The Hilarious House of Frightenstein’ for CHCH TV in Hamilton, thinking the 130 hour long episodes we produced would run for a year and then die and go to television heaven.. As you may know, it didn’t work out that way. The show was syndicated across Canada, the U.S. and abroad airing as far afield as Spain, Norway and Australia attaining cult status along the way. Mitch also co-starred alongside Billy Van as the hilarious “Super Hippy”.
More recently Mitch Co-Starred with Academy Award winner Vanessa Redgrave in Rue Morgue Cinema’s ‘The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh’ and also stars in the new short film Human Cattle, having its world premiere at SHOCK STOCK!


MICHAEL MagGot- …AND THEN I HELPED , His Devil’s Night

aka Michael Todd Schneider… SHOCK STOCK is always pleased as punch to party down with the best independent filmmakers in the world. And when Michael MagGot comes around you know you’re in for a surreal treat. With some of the most visceral films ever to grace the International Cinema Screening Room, you know the MagGot Films bunch will be packing some great titles and merch. Be sure to stop by the TABOO TEXTILES booth and say hi, share a laugh, a drink, a smoke, and a secret…


JOE NARDELLI – Director, Toxic Tutu

Joe Nardelli is excited to bring his new film TOXIC TUTU to screens worldwide and SHOCK STOCK is getting the Canadian premiere! Joe will be on-site all weekend long with his pal Mark Torgl. Be sure to say hi to Joe and his TOXIC TUTU!


WALLY WARWICK  – Worse Than Hitler , Shock Stock 2016

Wally once was thought to be dead in the 1209 suite, but it turned out he was just drunk and passed out… which is great because now he’s back and he’s going to Emcee the Miss Shock Stock 2017 Pageant !
Wally is offensive, blunt, smelly, and best of all – entertaining! Bring Wally your change and help him cover the cost of his new T-Shirts he made.


BA Johnston is an one man band from Hamilton ON. He only leaves his moms basement to “entertain” the people of Canada with songs about McDonalds coupons, Dirtmalls and Beer on his trusty cd player, casios and guitar. He has been playing shows in the bars, legions and homes across this great land since 1985. 



KANE HODDER – Friday the 13th – Hatchet
Due to sudden scheduling conflicts, Kane had to postpone his appearance at this year’s Shock Stock.. 

With SS being one of his favorite shows to attend, we can promise Kane will return to London soon!

all guests subject to change without notice.