Friday May 27th  –  4pm – 10pm
( Deluxe Pass Holders get in at 3pm ) 
Saturday May 28th  – 11am – 8 pm 
Sunday May 29th   – 11am – 5 pm


Single Day $25 +HST
Three Day $60+HST
#THEREAL Deluxe Pass $80+HST



Hey freaks! Just a run down of whats new ( and not so new ) with the SHOCK STOCK lineup! 
First off, the WEEKEND SCHEDULE IS UP !!  Check the link at the top for the full weekend schedule of films, shorts, and events INCLUDING the Mill St Brewery SATURDAY NIGHT SCUMBAG SOIREE featuring FIRST JASON!! 

On a second note, its heartbreaking news that we must announce that Dyanne Thorne and Howard Maurer will be unable to attend the event due to Dyanne suffering a horseback riding injury. Dyanne has promised to make it up to her fans, and we at Shock Stock know that she’ll be coming back soon! 


We have some new guests to announce! 

FRIDAY THE 13TH’s first Jason ARI LEHMAN has been added to the guest list with his band FIRST JASON, who will be tearin’ it up on Saturday night.  Burning Angel star KLEIO VALENTIEN also has been added to the bill, as well as FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS director JAMES BICKERT and stars TRISTAN RISK,  MADELINE BRUMBY and ELLIE CHURCH! 


Why not grind out an 8-bit piece of history when you’re chillin down in the basement of Centennial Hall! We got the big ass tube TVs set up with Dukers Aunt’s old sofas and we got some totally RARE and totally GREASY horror bootleg video games kickin around! Free to squat and play all weekend long! PLUS check out the wicked PINBALL machine set up in the lobby thanks to our good pals at SPEED CITY RECORDS!  

Also we should mention… we got rid of the photo op bed cause of two reasons…. one, we couldn’t get the stains out. Bilo had baby oil soaked in the mattress from a previous romp… and two, cause photo ops can fuck off! Guests will still be taking photos all weekend long with fans, and its gonna be the same weekend party we all know we’re gonna remember forever ( if we can keep any brain cells active ) ! Cheers and see you in less than 3 weeks! 


Friday Schedule Released!

Thats right folks we got 3 Wicked, Wicked Screenings Announced along with some great Shorts and a Q&A that’ll tickle you in your pants areas.

Among them is the CANADIAN PREMIERE of James Bickert’s highly anticipated 35mm trash epic FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS!
The maestro of malevolence himself and a few of his crazy cast will be creeping the border and making their way up to party for the weekend! This weekend is gonna be #THEREAL

Also added to the lineup is Greg Lamberson’s KILLER RACK, which is something the fans at SHOCK STOCK need to experience. Greg is coming down to Centennial Hall as well, so get your wellingtons on its gonna get messy!

And kicking off the festival is Peter Hearn’s SCRAWL, having its Canadian Premiere. Its a solid film from the UK with a top-notch young cast and we’re happy to be playing it for you wild fans!

Keep checkin the site as we update and post the schedule on the EVENTS page and soon we’ll have the other days, films, fun, and MADNESS unveiled !


Jan 25, 2016 –  Finally! The new and improved website for SHOCK STOCK is here! Thanks to all the supporters over the years, we’ve been able to grow this show and incorporate so many new and exciting features!

Stay tuned as this site is still a work in progress and we’ll be VERY quick to fill you all in on the various updates to the site.

Check out our GUESTS section for a couple new additions to the roster, including cult film diva MINK STOLE and horror mainstay KEVIN VANHENTENRYCK from the the iconic BASKET CASE series.

Be sure to grab your passes, and vendors get your butts in gear cause the showroom is filling up fast and WILL SELL OUT! Don’t be left in the dust, get in touch today!