Shock Stock is Canada’s Premiere Horror & Subculture Event, with Spring and Fall Extravaganzas that offer the most unique, intimate, and authentic horror fan experience.  Have a look below at a recap of our Spring Shock Stock event, or browse the links to see what else we have in store for Southwestern Ontario, and beyond!




Website is half back up, and half still a construction zone. But what else is new. I’m pretty sure we got all our 2017 dates and stuff cleared off, so thats good.

In case you haven’t heard. Shock Stock 2018 takes place once again and the beautiful and historic Ramada Inn on the weekend of April 27-29, 2018 .

A few special surprises in store for our 2018 edition. Our newly crowned Miss Shock Stock, the lovely Aly Goo, will be having her victory year at the event so make sure to say hi, get a photo and auto and treat her like the queen she is!

Also, just so everyone knows, Jake and James are on a split…. that’s right the two bozos who make this show happen are torn. Jake thinks the weekend should be WILD… James thinks it should be GREASY… and we need YOU to join the team. Everyone who attends Shock Stock 2018 will be put on either TEAM WILD or TEAM GREASY and who knows what will happen , but a clear victor must be decided… what team are you on?  Who cares!! Shock Stock 2018 will be a WILD’N’GREASY WEEKEND you will never forget!

Check out first guest announcements, and Vendors get your forms in. Another update coming next week. Cheers for now.