MAY 5-7, 2017


JAN 13 – Hey everybody happy Friday the 13th! Because we love everybody (and because bacardi makes us forget to post show dates on the main page) we’re extending our Early Bird rate offer for vendors and deluxe passes until Feb 1st ! 
Get in on the deal of the century with a room / deluxe pass combo. The Deluxe pass is the ONLY way to guarantee entry to all after hours screenings and parties, located on-site at the beautiful Ramada Inn. 

Deluxe pass holders also get A FULL DAY OF SHOW ACCESS all to themselves… that’s right the Friday night is EXCLUSIVE to Vendors & Deluxe  Pass holders so if you want first dibs on the deals, the drama, the POOL PARTY, and everything else that happens on kickoff night, then GET YOUR ROOM & PASS BOOKED TODAY! 

Also, we’ve got some more guest announcements coming soon, updates on the Miss Shock Stock Competition, and more surprises including details for the returning 69 HOUR FILMMAKER COMPETITION… all coming in the next couple weeks… 

Until then… stay spooked! 


DEC 09 – Hey everybody it’s 12/09 and everybody knows at 1209 its time to party so we here at SSHQ have finally gotten around to launching the site! In case you’ve been under a rock, we announced the great KANE HODDER as our horror guest of honor for our 2017 event happening at the NEW LOCATION of the Ramada Inn!

Joining Kane is fellow SS favorite JOANNA ANGEL and she’s bringing her hot hubby SMALL HANDS with her to help with judging for the revamped and revised MISS SHOCK STOCK COMPETITION !

Also added to the guest list is CARL GABRIEL YORKE who fans of the classic grindhouse chompfest CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST will instantly recognize.

Plenty more mayhem to come, but before you miss out head over to the TICKETS page and get your pass & your room at the Ramada, cause we BOUGHT THE WHOLE HOTEL and WE ARE TAKING OVER!! You won’t wanna be sleeping in the parking lot for this one!!

Stay Tuned!

New Location