Cinzia Monreale (aka Sarah Keller to fans of Fulci’s The Beyond ) is making a VERY rare Canadian Appearance at Shock Stock 2020!

Fans of Italian cinema will undoubtedly recognize Cinzia from her iconic role as the blind Emily in his masterpiece THE BEYOND, but fans who enjoy ‘the violent emotions’ may also know her from her starring role in Joe D’Amato’s BUIO OMEGA, which is a personal favorite at Shock Stock HQ.

We’re very excited to be having Cinzia here in Canada to meet her fans and share some of the experiences she had working with some of the greatest names in Italian horror.

As well, we’re working on a VERY special ‘Enhanced Photo Op Experience’ – Details will be available soon but assured this will be a one-of-a-kind experience for fans of Fulci’s classic THE BEYOND.

Tickets for Shock Stock are available now, with hotel room reservations (through our weekend warrior deposit system) almost 50% booked! Visit our ticket page to get yours booked today!