SHOCK STOCK  started back in 2011 under the original moniker

“Subculture Weekend Celebration and VHS Tape Swap”

Now, over a decade later, VHS tapes are hotter than crypto and twice as useful so we’re actively integrating the original VHS tape swap into the show!

What does this mean you may ask?

It means two things :

    1. – If you have tapes to sell or trade, bring tapes. Walk around with a box of em – or fill up your trunk or your hotel room.
    2. Make a sign to hang around your neck, use a lanyard, tape it to your chest – whatever! Use one of the templates below or get creative. Let people know you’re looking for tapes, even specific tapes, or let people know you got tapes to sell ~ other tape heads can become your best friend just like that.
    3. At select times of the day ( check the weekend schedule page when it goes live ) , TAPE APE himself will open up a VHS den full of empty tables, maybe a tv and a vcr or two, so that you can bring your tapes out and spread em on a table for all the other wild tapey minded folks to gander.
    4. IF you got an old collection you want to offload, talk to one of our many VHS vendors at the show – many of them are buying collections and bulk lots too!!