The fanatical Shock Stock folks have once again teamed up with the FOREST CITY FILM FESTIVAL to present a series of informative, educational workshops for those who wish to use their convention time to hone their skills behind the camera.

Tickets are available now and desciptions are below. Save $$ by getting an all-access pass!



Receive access to all 5 intimate information sessions. Sessions include

Saturday April 27th :
Special FX Make-up – Art the Clown Live Application & Lesson
Creating the Sound That Goes BUMP in the Night
Tales from the Script Killer Costumes & Props

Sunday April 28th :
Killer Props and Costume Construction Workshop
Distro a Go-Go

$125 (limited space available )



10:45 a.m.

Special FX Make-up – Art the Clown – Live Application & Lesson

Hosted by Damien Leone with David Howard Thornton

Receive access to an intimate information session with a recognized industry professional. Join Damien Leone the Director and head SFX supervisor of the hit horror films ‘Terrifier’ and ‘Frankenstein vs Mummy’ as he transforms actor David Howard Thornton into the monstrous Art the Clown right before your eyes. As Damien transforms David he will share information on the best practices to use for successful movie make-up application and how it translates to the screen .

$45 (limited space available )


1:45 p.m.

Creating the Sound That Goes BUMP in the Night

Hosted by Mark Vogelsang

An informative seminar by Mark Vogelsang, Sound designer. Audio creates the ambience that gets the scares. Learn effective tips and tricks in effectively approaching post production sound and foley to create another dimension to your film’s landscape. From audio hits and blood curdling screams, to throbbing tension-building strings; all of the greatest horror films benefit from a deep knowledge of how to craft the sound behind the scares.

$25 (limited space available )


3:15 p.m.

Tales From the Script

Hosted by Jordan Morris

A seminar by Jordan Morris, screen writing coach What are the important elements of a script for a short film? Can you expand it into a feature? As you plan your projects make sure that your basic building blocks are solid so that it translates into a great story that compliments the filming and editing process to come.

$25 (limited space available )



11:00 a.m.

KILLER Costumes and Props

Hosted by Don Drakulich

Occasionally Sleazy P. Martini, the famous manager for the rock band GWAR, takes on the form of Don Drakulich – one of the creative forces of SLAVE PIT INC. -the people behind the legendary costumes and props that make GWAR the intergalactic rock stars that they are. Learn tips and tricks on how to make effective and durable costumes and props that are worthy of the almighty.

$30 (limited space available )


1:00 p.m.


Hosted by Team Black Fawn Distribution

Black Fawn Distribution has been successfully releasing films on multiple platforms that has gained them consistent viewership and revenue. In the session you’ll have the opportunity to learn about how to get into digital distribution, details on the many distribution avenues available to filmmakers, and what it takes to build a strong and dedicated fan base. Plus, get the opportunity to ask direct questions of the BFD dudes themselves.

$25 (limited space available )