The prime era of the scream queens was dominated with theatrical and home video sleaze and cheese by directors like David DeCoteau, Fred Olen Ray, and Jim Wynorski.  And when the newest flick hit the shelves there was always a good chance that the great Michelle Bauer would be involved.

With over 150 film credits including SO MANY CLASSICS like Nightmare Sisters, Lust For Freedom, Demonwarp, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Puppet Master 3, and of course the unforgettable Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, there isn’t a horror fan on the planet who will want to miss this rare opportunity to meet a horror legend!


The word of mouth about Shock Stock being the wildest weekend spreads far and wide, and it’s caught the attention of the law – specifically the Stevenson County Sheriff’s Department. They couldn’t care too much though as they’re sending Officer Doofy to investigate.

In all seriousness, Shock Stock is seriously stoked to be welcoming Dave Sheridan to the show and he’s ready to spend the weekend with fans and friends old and new.


Anyone who has attended a show in the past will undoubtedly proclaim that if anyone is to be crowned the Queen of Shock Stock, it should be FELISSA ROSE.

Since she partied with us in 2019 she’s kept herself pretty busy – with a few dozen roles in films ( including a role in the box office hit TERRIFIER 2 ) and also another handful of appearances on The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs.

Lots to catch up on! Be sure to spend the weekend with Felissa and all of her friends this May!


This dynamite duo are no strangers to Shock Stock, but they’ve never had the opportunity to take over the place together!

Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn have lots of awards and recognitions,  but in 2023 they’ll be inducted together into the Shock Stock Hall Of Fame !

Always ready to talk about anything and everything, be sure to meet these beautiful women all weekend and be sure to show up for their tell all Q&A – it’ll be a wild n greasy time for sure!


Orbax and Pepper, the MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK, are the official weekend hosts and demand we do a full black tie event this year for the CRYSTAL SHOCKER AWARDS taking place on Friday May 5th. Will they get their wish?


Guests are subject to change. Guests charge nominal fees for autographs and photos. Shock Stock will always be #TheReal .