The iconic CINZIA MONREALE has worked with some of the greatest Italian directors in the genre, and Shock Stock fans will get to share some stories from the the sets of films THE BEYOND and BUIO OMEGA –

We are very grateful to have Cinzia come to Shock Stock in 2022 after her postponed appearance at the previous installment… it should be an unforgettable experience.. So the question now is : Where will you be on April 29 – May 1 when Emily (and Dickie) read from the book of Eibon and open one of the 7 doors of death at the Ramada Inn!

The star of the splatter masterpiece STREET TRASH makes his Canadian Convention Debut! MIKE LACKEY is not only the star of the film, but he worked behind the scenes as well on some of the most memorable special effects sequences ever put to celluloid! Other film credits include I Was a Teenage Zombie and Soul Tangler .

Mike was a writer/editor for Marvel Comics on Amazing Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Conan the Barbarian, Fantastic Four, G.I. Joe, Ren & Stimpy and Beavis and Butt-Head, and also works on his own self published comics. Mike will be bringing along some of his work so be sure to check it out!! 

We at Shock Stock are honoured to have Mike contribute some original art to a limited edition SHOCK STOCK 10th ANNIVERSARY POSTER as well – be sure to grab one at the show and get it signed !

One of Shock Stock’s favourite horror friends is none other than BASKET CASE’s Duane Bradley himself, KEVIN VANHENTENRYCK ! Kevin had such a blast the last time he made his way up to the forest city; and he (and his brother) have been dying to come back and do it again!

Kevin also can’t wait to pick up a guitar and jam out on Saturday night, as he joins the Shock Stock house band, SPROCKET DAMAGE, on stage for a few tunes. It truly will be an unforgettable night.

When Kevin isn’t meeting fans or performing with superstar rock bands – he’s also a very accomplished sculptor. Be sure to stop by and chat with Kevin over the weekend !

The PSYCHO GOREMAN himself makes his First Ever Convention Appearance at Shock Stock! MATTHEW NINABER stars as the galaxy’s most deadly entity, defending his hunky boys and causing the eternal suffering of the entire galaxy. The horrors you will witness at Shock Stock 2022 cannot be unseen. Your minds will carry this until it consumes you in a miserable death.


Matt is also quickly becoming a genre veteran behind the camera, with a few directing gigs under his belt and his latest feature, DEATH VALLEY, currently splattering screens across the globe on Shudder !

Be sure to say hi to Matt and give him a proper Shock Stock hello!

Fans may recognize SHAWN ROBERTS from his role as Albert Wesker in Paul W.S. Anderson’s RESIDENT EVIL series of films, but Shawn is also well versed in the genre, working with George A Romero on both Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead, and starring in indie horror flicks like A Little Bit Zombie, Left For Dead (aka Devil’s Night) and Feed the Gods.

Shawn also has had a steady list of recognizable roles outside of horror too, with roles in DC Legends of Tomorrow, Heartland, xXx: Return of Xander Cage, and Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson.

Shawn will be appearing Saturday only!

MAURIZIO GUARINI is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and software developer.

A member of italian legendary prog rock group GOBLIN, Maurizio joined in 1975 as part of their very first live lineup. His skillful hands can be heard crafting the sounds of hits from many of the Italian giallo films of the 70s and 80s including but not limited to Suspiria, Buio Omega, The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, and more.

Always creating and performing music, Maurizio has been active in soundtracks and recordings for over 40 years, with his recent solo studio release “A Goblin’s Chamber” being a celebration and reimagining of the timeless classics he’s contributed to.

Shock Stock is honoured to call Maurizio a friend, and welcomes him back to the event to spend some time with the horror family.

Every year at Shock Stock (somehow) there ends up being a wild and crazy party at night. Every night. Saturday is usually the wildest and the greasiest.

And one Saturday Night Scumbag Soiree was greasier and wilder then all the rest – the night that B.A JOHNSTON performed at Shock Stock. Never before in the 10 year history of our show did the crowd feel more alive, singing along to such anthems as I DON’T WANT TO GO TO THE NO FRILLS and I MISS 90’S HASH.

So we’re bringing him back to do it all again! Since his last Shock Stock appearance, B.A. has had a few small roles in some independent films, as well as starring in his own TV show, HAM JAM. Some of you may have been lucky enough to pick up a limited edition copy of the series on VHS from Videonomicon. Treasure that shit! Or get it signed and pick up a copy of one of his albums on Saturday night!

London’s own psycho killer hip hop artist STEWIE will be performing on the Saturday night of Shock Stock 2022, delivering a dark and intense performance to kick start the evening festivities.

Stewie is also a devout advocate for mental health awareness, and when he’s not spitting rhymes he’s helping those in need with his Musicians 4 Mental Health events in the city.


Steph Dumais is a Montreal based illustrator. He has done work for Mirage’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics series and collaborated with authors such as Douglas Rushkoff. He is the creator of the Zombie Commandos From Hell! horror comics series and publisher at Bloody Gore Comix. He has contributed to a number of horror comic anthologies, illustrated multiple album covers for various bands in the industrial, metal and other scenes. His signature style can be recognized by thick lines and dense scenes and a passion for ultra-violence. Portfolio:

C.M. Forest, also known as Christian Laforet, is the author of the novel Infested, the novella We All Fall Before the Harvest, the short story collection The Space Between Houses, as well as the co-author of the short-story collection No Light Tomorrow. His short fiction has been featured is several anthologies across multiple genres. A self-proclaimed horror movie expert, he spent an embarrassing amount of his youth watching scary movies. When not writing, he lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife, kids, three cats and a pandemic dog named Sully who has an ongoing love affair with a blanket. Find him online at

Facebook: Author C.M. Forest

Instagram: @christianlaforet

Twitter: @C_Laforet

TikTok: @christian_writes_horror

Michelle River hails from Ontario, Canada. A lover of hot black coffee and everything dark and terrifying, she spends her nights writing, publishing and dreaming about all things that go bump in the night.

To her husband’s dismay, she thrives on multiple projects, tight deadlines and revels in the chaos around her. She runs Eerie River Publishing, focusing on promoting indie authors and publishing high-quality dark fiction anthologies, novels and novellas. Follow her adventures in publishing and writing here:

Facebook : EerieRiver

Instagram : Eerie_River

Twitter : EerieRiver

TikTok : eerieriver

Patreon : EerieRiverPub

Youtube : Eerie River Publishing 

I don’t think any Shock Stock would be complete without the addition of these handsome bastards! Orbax and Pepper, the MONSTERS OF SCHLOCK, are our wonderful hosts for the *cough cough* “annual” CRYSTAL SHOCKER AWARDS taking place this year on Friday ( 2020 awards, 2 years late ). It’s always one of the highlights of the weekend.

These sweet angels are also inducted into the Shock Stock Hall of Fame, and have an official letter on official letterhead to prove it! Its official! They’re officially amazing!

I also heard they’re going to attempt to break a Guinness World Record this year for most smiles by a couple of crabby old sideshow performers  – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!

FOR THE FIRST TIME the elusive TAPE APE will bear all at Shock Stock ! This greasy gorilla may look like a monster but he’s just about having fun and taking pics with all the wonderful fans –

Also be on the look out for Tape Ape’s Domain … the VHS TAPE SWAP! At select tines over the weekend our pal opens up his lair for all who wish to buy sell and swap VHS tapes – stay tuned on the schedule for when you can swap your tapes!

Kyle Hytonen cut his teeth on indie cinema in the frozen tundra of Thunder Bay. Since moving south to the warmer confines of Hamilton, Kyle, who may or may not be an illegitimate child of tough guy Brian Dennehy, has directed and produced several shorts and features in the horror genre. His film Massacre at Femur Creek toured several film festivals, including a stop at Shock Stock, where Kyle spent most of his time eating cured meats and hocking cheap t-shirts.

Nathan Rumler hails from right across the border in Michigan. After working on different sets for years, he jumped into production on his first feature Fangboner in 2014. Now with three features and a short under his belt as writer/director (most notably Amityville Vibrator), and eight features total as producer, he continues to make flicks for people who love sleaze just as much as he does.

Sébastien Godin is an independent filmmaker and actor with a love for everything slimy, weird and monstrous. Godin specializes in micro-budget creature features that range from absurd to experimental with a wide variety of cinematic influences. His directorial credits include LYCANIMATOR, OUIJA MUMMY, SLIMOIDS, BLOOD RITES OF THE VAMPYR, THE ABOMINATIONS OF FRANKENSTEIN and the recently shot feature DAMNATION OF DRACULA and short BAD LUCK STREAK IN DANCING SCHOOL. Sébastien looks forward to returning to Shock Stock with an array of his ghastly works to offer his fellow lovers of cinematic indie madness!

Mikey McMurran is the founder of Reel Phobia Productions. Known as a Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor of multiple Canadian independent films including Secret Santa (2015) and The Final Ride (2021). Creating fun, shocking horror films on a shoestring budget is Mikey’s forte with successful screenings at festivals such as Blood In The Snow, Buffalo Dreams, Toronto Independent Film Festival, Shock Stock, and more. Both Secret Santa and The Final Ride are available throughout North America on DVD and digital platforms including Amazon Prime and Tubi as well as cable and dish providers such as Comcast, Dish Network, and DirecTV. Mikey believes that no matter the budget, you can make a fun horror flick that people will enjoy.

Bill Zebub is a writer, editor, director, producer, and sexy person.

Since its inception, Bill has been a friend and supporter of Shock Stock – from drinkin behind the tables at the big toronto expos, to being asked to leave Chucks for handing out copies of his classic films such as Nightmare on Elmo’s Street, Dickshark, and Antfarm Dickhole.

Bill has stated that he may not be able to be at the event this year in person, but will have a representative on hand with copies of his new films and his classics – pick a few up for your family to give out this Christmas !

Guests are subject to change. Guests charge nominal fees for autographs and photos. Shock Stock will always be #TheReal .