SHOCK STOCK is always looking to try something new, and with this year being our biggest yet, we’re throwing in a BODY PAINT COMPETITION!

We’re assembling a panel of judges from all over the continent to look at YOUR extreme, bizarre, and horrifying body paint work. Don’t sing it – BRING IT!

Winner of this year’s competition gets a prize pack of cool stuff and a much-coveted  Crystal Shocker Award for the inaugural event.

Competition happens on Saturday April 28th. Registration and entry fee is $55. Includes saturday admission for artist, assistant, and model. Applications close April 12th with 5 artists being chosen on or before April 13th.

Rules for competition listen in application. Fill out yours NOW!



Carlos is a core member and co-founder of Crystal Shocker Award winning THE BUTCHER SHOP.

The Butcher Shop specializes and is dedicated to designing and creating the most unique and highest-level makeup effects, creatures, prosthetics, human replicas, specialty props and gore effects.

With almost 20 years experience designing special makeup effects, their award-winning photorealistic effects work has been featured in many of today’s Hollywood blockbusters, ground-breaking independent films, television series, music videos and haunted attractions.

Carlos is a true friend of independent horror, and the Butcher Shop has been part of Shock Stock since its inception in 2011.


Anthony is a visual artist, sculptor, tattoo artist, and special makeup effects technician based out of right here in London, Ontario.

Anthony has numerous film credits to his name, working on some of horror’s most iconic franchises. Among them are also numerous credits for tattoo design. Anthony’s visual finesse and style is sought after by hollywood’s elite.

Shock Stock is glad to have Anthony on board as a judge for the competition, and we wouldn’t consider this inaugural event without him.


Director, Producer, and Special Effects Artist, Joe Castro, born in San Antonio, Texas, began his career at age 15 when he was hired to create special effects make-up for a PBS affiliate and graduated to writing and directing his own feature films, in the 80’s, when his parents invested in his career and bought him a portable VHS camera.

In 1985, Joe won the National special effects make-up contest in Monsterland magazine. In 1989, Joe moved to Los Angeles, California to continue his career in filmmaking.

In 1993, Joe produced and directed his first feature film, CEREMONY, shot on 35mm Panavision. The film was an apocalyptic horror thriller. This film won a Silver Award at the Worldfest Charleston Film Festival. In 1997, Joe produced his second Internationally distributed feature film, Legend of the Chupacabra on his parent’s ranch.

In 2001, Joe produced, directed, and created the special effects for the wildly, successful cult film, TERROR TOONS. This film has already spawned four sequels.

In 1994, Lionsgate distributed Joe’s 7th feature titled, THE JACKHAMMER MASSACRE.

In 2011, Joe released his multi-award winning film, THE SUMMER OF MASSACRE, which won him the Guinness Book Of World Record for “Highest body count in a Slasher film,” which is 155 kills.

Altogether, Joe has won over 46 awards in producing, directing, and creating special effects.

Since teaming with his partner, Steven Escobar, Castro has Produced, Written & Directed 16 feature films.