In 2015, the Shock Stock goons had a plan to create a world renowned horror beauty pageant to accompany the Sleaze and Cheese that happens once a year in the forest city, and admittedly … they screwed it all up.

First off, they couldn’t pick a winner so they brought THREE contestants to the show in hopes the fans would decide a true winner.

The fans spoke, and the fans were heard, and then other people spoke, and a table was broken, and Jake was heard screaming, and then the hot soaker came out, and then it was done. The smoke cleared. Shock Stock 2015 was a glorious train wreck of a show. No sleeves about it.


That’s right! We took a year off to collect our thoughts and come up with a new and improved MISS SHOCK STOCK horror beauty pageant. And we’re scouring the ENTIRE WORLD once again to find a beauty who is the epitome of Shock Stock barbarity! 

SHOCK STOCK is going to fly in one lucky lady ( or more! ) from anywhere in the WORLD to the event for all three days to represent the Scumbags’ finest and to meet her legion of new found freak fans!

We provide the flight and put her up in a top notch fancy hotel. (she will have the only key to the room)

The goons are looking for one more new face with any level of modelling or acting experience in horror or exploitation films to wear the crown, from a seasoned Scream Queen to a first time flirt!!!

All you gotta do is fill out the application and send us a minimum of three pics and you could get vaulted into Scream Queen fame! Just email them along and you’re good as gravy on cheese curds and fries.

Photos we need:

One Headshot – Real straight forward. Show us your face. Can have makeup or no makeup.

One Evening Wear – Full body photos required for this one. Emphasize your shape. Nudity (partial or full) is acceptable and blurred censoring will be applied to nudity on any posted photos. Leave all photos uncensored for judging.

One Hot Soaker / Swimwear – Don’t wait until summer to show off the beach bod! Hot soaker photos preferred ( oiled skin ) but this one is totally up to you. Get creative. Show off your favourite angle.


Finalists will be posted March 5th 2017

Must be over the age of 19 and have valid passport.

Full details and regulations can be found HERE.

#missshockstock hash tag your cute girlfriends


2015 Miss Shock Stock Hot Soaker